Contest Categories

Each contest category has both Adult and Youth Divisions. The same photograph may be entered in multiple categories, but may not be entered in both the youth and adult division. Limit of 10 entries per person; submitting the same photograph to multiple categories counts as multiple entries.
  • Portraits. Candid or set-up portraiture; self portraits also allowed. No pet photographs
  • The Natural World. Landscapes, animals, plants - images which capture the beauty and delight of the natural world.
  • Moments. Candid photography including street photography, photojournalism, humor, sport photography, etc. that captures a moment in time.
  • Abstract. Photos that are experimental and conceptual, using lighting, color, contrast, patterns and shapes, etc. to create unique compositions.
  • Life in the 650. Images that capture the cities, communities, culture and lifestyle that define the region within the 650 area code.
  • Travel. Images taken anywhere within the world other than in the area within the 650 area code that reveal a sense of place and culture.